Zack Vayda and the Great Divide: Part 2

America has two possible futures ahead of her.

The first is a “post-logic” future. This is the “flat-earth” future, where research is something that can be ignored. In this future, Democrats and Republicans continue to burrow into their bunkers until no light, truth, fact or logic can reach them. They only time they might come out of their bunkers is to turn in the vote, furthering the systems’ control over their lives.

The second is a “post-bipartisan” future. This is the future where we decide that there is nothing more important than people. My people, your people, their people, it doesn’t matter. They’re all people, which means they are worth being cared about. In this future, we have raised our neighbors above our politicians and parties, and therefore overcome the systems trying to distract us.

I have decided to do everything I can to make the second future the reality, because I’m convinced it’s the only way my America, the true America, can survive. Here are the tools I use on a daily basis to avoid getting deceived or pulled off course.

Research - In a world where all information is available on multiple platforms, it’s essential that we put the time into debunking “alternative facts” and confirming true research. Scroll to the bottom of the article, click on the source links and glance through the sources. We need to make sure that what we bring into our brains and send back out into the world has been documented appropriately. (Useful tip: The more an article evokes an immediate emotional reaction from you, positive or negative, the more likely it’s just propaganda)

Discussion - The best way to learn is to benefit from conversations with people that agree with you and people that don’t. The opportunity to learn about and try to understand a differing perspective is just as important, if not more important, as being supported by those that share your view. Friction or disagreement in a conversation, as long as it’s rooted in respect and love, can be the best opportunity for growth.

State of mind - It’s important to understand that our brains are hardwired to pick sides. It will be a daily struggle to keep ourselves from falling back into our “bunker.” The most useful tool to fight against this is to understand that it exists. In other words, now that you know your brain will constantly try to push you back to your political roots, you will know to keep an eye out for it.

Empathy - This is by far the best tool we have. This is what separates the “post-bipartisan” view from others. This view maintains that nothing, nothing, is more important than to support and love others without an agenda. We are not here to change people’s minds, we are not here to get votes. We are here to create better lives for ourselves and everyone around us equally.

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