We Need People (People Need us)


We Need People(People Need us)

       I believe as humans we are rooted into needing people and groups in our daily lives. As one of our recent sociology projects The theme was if cliques bad? Immediately people say yes, they create groups of certain people and they isolate them from others. Creating one-minded groups.  After thinking about this I think cliques are a “norm”our society that might be in fact helpful. Like I have said cliques create groups that are all based on one topic or one thing you have you Football, “nerds” and popular... They make People feel apart of a group. This might be selfish but it is necessary for people to function when they know their needed.

Almost nothing is fun alone.

       Yesterday I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with my DMA Class. 32+ student on a 30 min bus ride to Cleveland, sounds horrible. It was instead enjoyable because I had my “group” of friends along with me. If I was all alone ride by myself on the bus to Cleveland then it would have not been fun. Once we got there we went on quick photoshoot around the section of that town. Once we were inside the building we all immediately separated into our own groups. It was enjoyable walking around the Museum with people, but it would have been a whole other story if I was by myself. It definitely would have been boring.

Conversation Creates community

       Throughout the Trip, As a group or one on one I had great conversations. When we were eating lunch we all separated into our own groups and still had great conversations, Throughout the museum with one on one people, I had conversations that sparked into more conversations. After when we were heading back we talked about what we saw. I Realized that Conversation with groups creates a form of a community. I got to know everyone much better and have a deeper connection and relationship, with the class.

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