"Tell me James stories."

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I went to church this morning and found people crying.

I was shocked to hear a man named James died suddenly the day before. It was completely unexpected. He wasn’t much older than me.

The rest of the church knew him for 16 years. They had lost a dear friend.

And then his wife walked in.

She was supported by friends. By that I mean they were literally holding her up as she slowly moved to her seat down front. I watched her during the service. At times she stood with a smile, at times she would collapse to the floor in grief and prayer.
Her sorrow. Her strength. It broke me.

Then she got up to speak. She asked her church family for just one thing.

"Tell me James stories.”

This is my James story.

I only got to know James recently. I taught his Sunday morning class for six weeks. I found him to be kind, smart, a fellow Steeler fan, and passionate to help kids find purpose in their lives. He and his wife worked with the poorest kids in their city. He has a legacy of 16 years of doing good.
He and his wife had a wonderful relationship, and they built a life of purpose. People loved him. He made their lives better.

What more could you ask for in life?
He lived well.

That’s my James story.

One more thing. 

I can’t help but wonder, What stories will people tell about me? 

What are the Mike stories?

We’re all going to die. We just don’t know when. I want to make sure there are stories people will tell about me, like people tell about James. I want to make an impact.

Don’t you?

We watch endless stories on Netflix and Youtube. Stories of others' lives. But what story am I writing? What stories are you making?


What stories do you want people to tell about you?

What are you doing today to get closer to them?

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