Something I thought I'd never do


I do not like the New England Patriots.


I have three reasons:

  1. They are known breakers of rules.
  2. Each year they break my heart by stopping the Steelers from making it to the Super Bowl.
  3. They break the rules. Which also stops the Steelers from making it to the Super Bowl.

So something I thought I'd never do is write a post praising any member of that team, ever in my life. And yet, here I am, breaking my own rule, so to speak. (NOT in the same was as they do, mind you.)

Today I read a quote from a Patriot player, talking about the insane salaries NFL players are seeing these days. He just signed a huge contract, and here is what he had to say:

“I think it's shame on me if the money only helps the Solder family. My belief is that this money has been entrusted to me not for the personal comfort and security, but for an actual impact that we can have on our community and the people around us. I'm just such an imperfect person—I'm going to make mistakes, so I have to rely on Jesus. We have all through our suffering with our son and everything that goes on in life, so we have to do the same thing with our rejoicing and when things are going well, we have to rely on him. … It's nothing about us having a bigger house, a nicer car, anything like that. So shame on me if it's just about us.”

I did some research on Mr. Solder, and I finished with a small tear in my eye. His little son is fighting hard for his life. The Solder family is brave and strong and I'm now rooting for them to beat this terrible disease.

It's encouraging to hear someone speak about using their blessings for the good of others. It inspires me to remember that myself. I want to keep thinking bigger picture with my own finances and look for creative ways to leverage my money to make a difference, and to get people closer to the Good they need.

So, thank you, Nate Solder, for your reminder that I can be a better person myself.

And, most of all, I'm so glad you've moved from that team you used to play for. It seems he's signed that new big contract with the New York Giants. Good for you!

So, I didn't really break my rule after all. Unlike...well, you know.

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