02. Here's the story we couldn't tell you before.


Another chapter from our upcoming book, KazMainea: Our Foreign Adoption, Declassified.
Each chapter contains an original post from our trip then, followed by our thoughts now.


In 2004, we traveled to Kazakhstan to adopt two children.

We created a blog to document the experience. Back then, the internet was still relatively new. The ability to read and see pictures of our adventure from the other side of the earth, in almost real time, was fascinating for our friends and family. Our blog gained a following.

For years, people would say, “Hey, that KazMainea blog? You guys should make it into a book!” We’d look at each other and smile a bit wistfully. The idea remained safely tucked away as we raised our children.

Until recently with only two kids living at home, we were ready to seriously consider writing this book. But what would it look like? Should the book be the original blog alone? Or should there be more?

While in Kazakhstan, our adoption agency warned us to keep a low profile. We were told to assume that anything we wrote was monitored by unfriendly forces. In no way were we going to jeopardize our adoption, so we posted conservatively. We were, after all, in a former Soviet Republic, with no official American presence or support for hundreds of miles.

Over many coffees, we decided our book should be more than just the original blog. It should tell the rest of the story, the one we couldn’t tell back then. For most people, adoption, particularly international adoption, is a mystery shrouded in misunderstanding and miscommunication. “Forever family” stories focus on part of the story. We decided to tell the whole story of what it takes to complete an adoption.  

Adoption changes lives. It saves children, and it changes the life of every person involved, from parents to siblings to relatives and friends. It’s our hope that this book makes it easier to understand adoption and to support the tremendous good that adoption gives to everyone involved.


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