Last night I read an article about a man who, over a year ago, chose to exclude himself from the world. He lives on his own and refuses to take in any information on the current state of America or the world. Instead, he spends his time in nature. (read about it here: 

 I could hardly get through the entire article as I was fuming after only the first few paragraphs. 

This man was tired of hearing about pain, death and injustice because it was the pain, death and injustice of people who are not like him. These news stories didn't apply to him, and if by chance they did, it was only to build him up and secure his social standing. This man had the luxury of turning his back on the rest of the world -- a luxury that most of the world does not have.

If you have the privilege to do nothing, you have the power to do everything. 

Don't turn your back on the world. Acknowledge your privilege (if you have it) and use it.

You never know, you could do something great with it.