Behind the Scenes

        As an outgoing person, You would think I would want to be the star of a Movie, In front of the Cameras and Lights. With the attention towards me. But in fact, I rather be handling the lights or maning the camera. Or even a stage hand, way in the back. Multiple times during a photoshoot or just taking a photo, I would rather prefer to be behind the camera. I enjoy the action of Producing a good image. I feel like when forced to be in front of the camera, I get all that awkward.

        My teacher recently gave us this large homework assignment during spring break. I was looking forward to it, I just couldn't come up with the a song, which is needed to start the project. After talking To my dad, he had the perfect song. Once I had the song chosen, my head started to spin with ideas. I thought of so many different ideas and shot, I was looking forward to the homework assignment too. I think it was because I got to produce it, and work on it. Also it was an open ended project. Everyone Loves something they create. I believe I enjoy photography and videography because of the production and the work I put into it for the outcome.


*Thank You Mom For the Title*

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