Consuming & Creating

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Last night, my wife asked me to find something to watch.

So we could consume nachos and content too.
30 minutes later, the nachos were ready, and I wasn't.
I’m not kidding. As the nachos cooled and my wife’s temper heated, I could not decide on what to watch.
She finally picked something, and it was…fine. (On the plus side, the nachos were awesome.)

Everyone knows there’s a lot of content out there. So?

I mean, what’s the point of consuming?

Think back to your most recent Netflix viewing. As the credits rolled (or didn’t, to start the next content quicker), what did you GET for your time?
Hopefully, it entertained you. But...what remained?
For me, it’s usually nothing. The value was in the consuming alone.
That’s fine, I guess.

Why can’t I create something too?

Maybe my stuff could have a longer-lasting effect. Who knows, unless I try?

This year, the whole Vayda family is creating content.

It's a bold idea that my son Jake came up with and the rest of the family agreed to.

So how do I plan to do it?

  1. Force myself to hit the publish button. I have to be content wit content that has errors.
  2. Consume less, so I have time to create.
  3. Try to make it worth consuming.

I want to create content that gets me closer to Good. “Better" in some way. I’ll write more about that at some point.
For now though?
Imma consume and create.

Stay tuned.

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