This book is a pain.



I'm reading Principles, by Ray Dalio.

It's a thick book. It's a dauntingly thick book. I wouldn't even say I like the book, because every night when I crack it open, I'm needing to stop and write some notes and think and re-think what he's saying so succinctly.

In fact, I'm writing this post as a way of procrastinating from doing my nightly reading.

It's that good. 

Here's one nugget that I've been mulling over for days now:


My son Zack wrote a great post on the meaning of life. Life is work, he said. And Dalio is saying something similar, I think. If we can accept the current pain we are in...and think deeply about what the pain can give to us in terms of wisdom, or perspective, or determination, we will make progress in life.

No one wants you to be in pain.

Our society gives you a billion options to numb you. And of course no sane person seeks pain. And yet, pain is what brings progress. As long as we think it through.

Well, enough procrastinating. I have some mild pain waiting for me in the form of this book on my nightstand. I know it's bringing me progress.



MikeMike Vayda