This Mothers Mind

How was the funeral Zack sang in on Saturday?

What meals can I make so I don't have to go shopping?

We are almost out of dog food so I probably will have to :(

I just read all of Jake's posts. Writing the real. Impressive work!

I called my parents. They are discussing the plan for their "end". This is very hard for me and gives me a lot to think about. Dad's knee is swollen and he can barely walk. Worrisome.

Zack's 25th birthday is Friday. Will we be making plans to see him?

Mike and I aren't on the same page lately. Frustrating.

I am so proud of Brynn's growth and decision making this last year! An accomplishment not to be overlooked.

I need to help Nik with money and considering options for post graduation and how to get there.

I really should order new checks today.

That Steeler game! What a shame! I now wish I hadn't watched it, taking away 4 hours of a sunny afternoon I had to myself (Mike took Nik and Meg to Orrville while I stayed home at my request).

Meg and Nik need to get ready for school tomorrow. Another load of laundry?

Will I work tomorrow?

I wonder when Mike and the kids will return today?

With concentrated time on KazMainea I hope I'll make some good headway.

I'm so glad I had this time alone and four days in a row to not think about or drive to work.


Vayda Fam